Available Careers at Vanderhall Motorworks

Parts & Accessories Lead
The PG&A Lead will be responsible for meeting established sales goals in the growth of retail parts, accessories and apparel to our dealer network and customer base. Maintain proper inventory levels of accessories and apparel to meet sales demand. Coordinate ordering of accessories and PG&A specific parts with purchasing department to maintain proper inventory levels. Work with vendors to develop and source accessories and apparel to maintain proper margins for company and dealer profitability while maintaining quality and styling guidelines that meet our brand identity. Continually monitor the powersports/automotive industry for trends in accessories and apparel to meet the demands of Vanderhall’s customers.
Oversee Manufacturing Area
Maintenance Tech
TM & TPM execution & maintenance, clean work environment, daily check list with instructions.
Automation Engineer 2
The Automation Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and optimizing automated systems in manufacturing processes. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify automation opportunities, conduct product testing, troubleshoot vehicle systems, and suggest improvements for enhanced product quality and efficiency. This role requires a Bachelor's degree in engineering, mechatronics, or equivalent experience. Strong problem-solving skills, hands-on mechanical experience, proficiency in 3D CAD software, excellent communication skills, and familiarity with the automotive industry are all necessary for succeeding in this position. 
Marketing Assistant
The Marketing Assistant will be responsible for supporting the Social Media Marketing Specialist by creating marketing assets that can be used in our social media accounts to promote the Vanderhall brand and vehicles. Marketing assets would be created using video, camera, photoshop and other software to create the assets for the marketing team. Must have experience in digital and social media marketing to understand the usage of the media assets that would be developed and how they would be used. The Marketing Assistant must be fluent in the use of photoshop and other software for design and development and be experienced using the main social media platforms.
Welding, Sanding & other assembly